Below you will find a guide that gives our customers an idea of the requirements we need to produce the best quality labels.  To ensure the best quality labels with whatever company you chose, please consider the following:

Free Press Proofs

For first time orders we recommend ordering a free press proof.  It is common for artwork files to experience color shifting when they are converted for our production purposes.  Obtaining a proof will ensure that we are achieving the color & look you desire.

Requesting a Proof

When ordering full color labels, customers have the option of requesting proofs.  This is a good and safe measure to take when it’s a first batch of labels.

To get a proof, place an order on our site and fill in all the information that best tailors your needs.  On the second page below your Quote Summary and Art Options there will be a section called Proof Options.  There you will see two options for proofs:

E-mail me a digital proof– Available in 24 hours or less, the electronic proof if best option for customers in a hurry to get the order into production.  Because there are differences in how color is viewed from one monitor to another this option may not be the best for those seeking the most accurate color reproduction as gloss (if a factor), lighting, and color cannot be accurately represented on-screen.  The electronic proof does however give the customer a sense of what to expect in terms of how the artwork will appear relative the label size.

Press Proof– A physical press proof is the best option for customers seeking accurate color representation, substrate finish, and an overall feel for how the label will look and perform as a finished product.  Planet Label utilizes digital printing technology to produce some of the most crisp and vivid labels on the market.  Being a digital print house, flexibility is the name of the game, meaning we’re capable of producing one-off press proofs off of the very equipment which will be used to produce your labels.  Physical press proofs are an exact representation of how the label will appear in production without any die cuts.

As you have read, each method comes with its own pros and cons.  For a quick proof, E-mail is the best option.  For something more concise and detailed, a mailed hard copy is best.

File Format Support

The ideal format is an Adobe Illustrator EPS file with all fonts converted to outlines. We also accept native files in all versions of the following:

Preferred File Types - Adobe Creative Suite 5

If you are submitting native files you will need to include the fonts and links. If fonts are not converted to outlines, they must be included with the file.

Important Considerations

Please do your best to submit ‘print ready’ artwork. Any changes, modifications, or corrections that need to be made after the proofing process can result in extra charges and delays in processing your order.

  • Carefully review your artwork before submission
  • Check the spelling of your copy
  • Examine your designs and decide that you are ready to print!

And a couple of other tips:

  • Please do not build your page elements in the middle of a larger page and manually add registration marks
  • The document set-up should be exactly the same as the final trim size


We must convert all RGB files. Converting RGB files can cause significant color shifting. Please help us out by doing the following:

  • Create files using CMYK color
  • For best results build files using CMYK values from a Pantone Process Coated color guide
  • Supply a color target or sample whenever possible


  • Minimum font size for dark text on light background is 5pt
  • Minimum font size for white text on colored background is 7pt bold

The above font size requirements are a good general rule for creating legible labels. We can print smaller font sizes. If you are interested in smaller font sizes we recommend ordering a proof and verifying that you are satisfied with the clarity of the print before ordering a production run.

Placed Images/Raster Files

  • All images should be at least 300 dpi
  • Images should be in CMYK format

Full Bleed Requirement

We require artwork files to be prepared with full bleed when there is print that reaches the outer edge of the label. We will need 1/16” (0.0625”) bleed around the edge of the label. If you wanted a 3” X 4” label with color out to the edge, your design should be sized to 3.125” X 4.125”.

Sending Files

Upload your artwork, with all necessary fonts and additional material included in either a .sit or .zip file.  Be sure to avoid using special characters, slashes, and backslashes.

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