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Tips on Designing a Label

There is a big difference in designing your labels vs. designing for the web or for traditional print. Labels are applied to packages, people and other objects and as such consideration needs to be given when choosing color and material. here are a few tips on how best to design an attractive label.

1.) Material Choice is REALLY Important

Unlike choosing what color socks to wear in the morning, choosing the right material for your labels is the most important decision you will make. Labels can be used for everything from file folders to labeling outdoor applications which will be subjected to everything from moisture to UV, either of which can trash a label which is printed to the wrong material.

2.) Talk to Planet Label

We don’t bite, unless there’s a plate of tasty nachos in play. This might sound contrived, but we’re label experts and we know what we’re doing. Years of producing and printing both blank and custom printed labels have generated a deep source knowledge in printing and manufacturing labels. If you’re not sure what type of material you need, or how best to go about designing a successful label call us. We love to help, and hear about how our customers are using our labels.

3.) Choose Color Wisely

Color combinations can look really good or really bad whether we’re talking about labels or painting the interior of your house. There are scores of free tools available on the Internet today, that can assist you in developing an attractive color palette if you haven’t got one already. If you have an image that you would like to include on your label there are tools such as the one found here, which will help you develop a palette based on the imagery that you would like to use.

4.) Select your Weapon

As a design ninja you will want to choose your weapon wisely. There are literally hundreds of design software applications out there, and depending on the need and budget you may consider investment in professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or others to create a professional looking label. If a software purchase isn’t in the budget, there are great web-based options for PC’s such as & GIMP or for Mac users look here for some excellent options.

5.) Proof, proof again, and then probably one more time

If you plan to use Planet Label for custom printed labels or stickers you can elect to see either a PDF production proof, or a physical press proof. In either case, the artwork and text need to be scoured with a fine tooth comb to assure that there are grammatical errors overlooked during design. Its not fun, but is certainly much better than receiving an order of labels that include a glaring spelling error.

So there you have it, 5 simple tips to improve your odds of not creating the world’s worst label.  With a little research, some patience and some trial and error anyone can do it!

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