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Adobe Shortcut App

The Adobe Shortcut App

The Adobe Shortcut App

Ever have a hard time remembering that certain shortcut in Photoshop? What about Illustrator? InDesign? The Adobe Shortcut App provides a clean and organized list of shortcuts for most of Adobe’s popular products, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Flash.  One of the great features of the application is the ability to toggle between shortcuts on PC and Mac versions of Adobe software.  Additionally, the application also provides link to PDF shortcut cheat sheets for each application included in the desktop application.  A product demo and download can be found here.

The Adobe AIR Runtime is required to run this program.

For those who may not want the application, but are still interested in the cheat sheets, here are the links to each respective program’s PDF file:

  • Adobe Illustrator – PC | MAC
  • Adobe Photoshop – PC | MAC
  • Adobe InDesign – PC | MAC
  • Adobe Flash – PC | MAC
  • Adobe Dreamweaver – PC | MAC
  • Adobe SoundBooth – PC | MAC
  • Adobe Fireworks – PC | MAC (PC users download MAC version and substitute apple key with ctrl)
  • Adobe Contribute – PC | MAC
  • Adobe After Effects – PC | MAC
  • Adobe Premiere – PC | MAC
  • Adobe Encore – PC | MAC
  • Adobe Acrobat – PC | MAC
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