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Archive for November, 2009

Adobe Illustrator Rotate Tool Video

Here’s a great video I found on YouTube that shows how to use the Rotate Tool in Adobe Illustrator.  Be sure to check out other videos from Rian and r3dStudios.

Happy designing!

11 More Free Photoshop Brush Resources

In response to yesterday’s post on Photoshop brushes, I decided to do some more venturing in  my repository of resources to provide you, the readers, with even more resources to choose from. We are very appreciative of your support for this blog and will continue to provide quality information.  Please feel free to Tweet or Facebook us and let us know how we are doing and what you would like to see in future blog posts.  Here’s more brushes!


BlendFu is a great resource for brushes and also provides a unique service of previewing and testing brushes in a set before downloading. Go check ’em out!


DeviantArt is an amazing source for anything art or design related. The link provided shows the latest brush submissions. Always worth checking often! You can also search the whole site for past and previous brush submissions.

Obsidian Dawn

Not only are there brushes, but patterns and tutorials galore!


The stands for quality. Something you’ll definitely find on this site!

Designers Brush

Trendy and classy brushes, all rolled into one source.


Doctor! Doctor! These brushes are too hot to handle!

In Obscuro

Dark, attractive, and original brushes can be found here.

Get Brushes

If only Van Gogh had these brushes… so true!

SR Grunge Brush Set

Dirty, high resolution grunge brushes for any project!

Adobe Photoshop Brushes

Straight from the masters themselves.

Last but certainly not least…..

500+ Watercolor Brushes

All of the watercolor brushes one could possibly want. Very popular design trend at the moment, too.

Happy designing everyone!

11 Free Photoshop Brush Resources

Here is a compiled list of sites that provide free Photoshop brushes and some specialty brushes as well.  Enjoy!

Brushes Download.

Smaller site dedicated to providing free brushes.

250+ Light Effect Brushes

Here’s a definitive collection of light effect brushes that will add more to any project!

29 Superb Blood Brushes Sets for Photoshop

Have a ghoulish, gothic, or vampire theme to your product,or just really really like blood? Then this collection is for you!

Hi-Res Spray-Paint Photoshop Brushes

Name says it all.


One of my favorite sources for Photoshop brushes on the net.  They also have patterns!

Brush King

Another one of my favorite sites for brushes!

My Photoshop Brushes

Not only do they provide a massive collection of brushes, but also patterns, gradients, and custom shapes!


Brushes, brushes, brushes!


Free brushes and textures.

1-2-3 Free Brushes

Over 1200 free Photoshop brushes

PS Brushes

Over 500 brushes are available on this site.

EDIT: We’ve published another article that features 11 more sources! Find it here.

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