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Archive for October, 2009

5 Fabulous Text Effect Tutorials

Below is a small collection of really neat tutorials on how to make stunning text for your product or design.

Stitch Effect

This is what the text in stitch tutorial looks like

Image taken from tutorial page

Copper Text Effect

Image taken from tutorial page

Image taken from tutorial page

Wood Inlay Effect

Image taken from tutorial page

Image taken from tutorial page

Traditional Sugar Text Effect

Image taken from tutorial page

Image taken from tutorial page

Patch Text Effect

Image taken from tutorial page

Image taken from tutorial page

A Definitive List of Photoshop Action Resources

Here you will find a definitive list of Photoshop actions sites and resources I have come across while browsing the net. If you have any sites that you feel belong on this list, please leave a comment! We’d love to add more!

The Sources

400+ Time Saving Photoshop Actions

This site is a mammoth in its own right when it comes to supplying actions.  Many are geared for photography, but if you do a bit of digging in the mixed actions areas, you may strike gold!

124+ Photoshop Actions

Here’s another directory to some nifty actions.  I’m fond of the old parchment and stamp actions, personally.

Free Photoshop Actions

Small collection of some actions.  My eyes lead me to the sharpening toolkit action.

Free Text Effect Actions

Moderately tacky and outdated in terms of contemporary design, but if applied correctly and slightly altered gives them the possibility of creating something wonderful.  Gradients don’t translate well into print, but I think that poor transition would suit some of these actions well.  Also, can’t complain if they are free, right?  Bonus points to the people who made them, nonetheless. 🙂

20 Cool Text Effects Action Files

Yup, name implies all.  This is a very nice hand selected set of actions.  Even better is that all of them can be downloaded in one fell swoop on the site.  Awesome.

30 Color Enhancement Photoshop Actions

These come from the same site as the 20 Cool Text Effect actions.  Another great collection!

Addicted to Design Free Photoshop Actions

A handful of actions including infrared and Polaroid 600 instant film.

Productions Actions

These include the simple and tedious procedures in Photoshop… except action style!

Other Sources

Link to another blog post with more resources to finding more actions!

Final Thoughts

As you may have noticed, a good handful of the actions use photographs to portray the before and after results of the demonstrated action, but don’t be deterred from using them because of this!  One of the great things about Photoshop, or any other design based application, is the ability to learn and create through playing.  Play around with the actions on certain designs.  Use more than one action and see what the end result is.  Have fun and create something beautiful!

An Introduction to Photoshop Actions

What are Photoshop Actions?

A Photoshop action is simply a series of tasks and settings that are recorded and saved by Photoshop for later use and re-application.  Actions can be used on a single file or in an automated batch.  Also, when recording actions, the user can stop recording at any time to maybe adjust a few settings that they do not want to be added into the action.  The action is saved in an .ATN file and can be easily loaded into your install of Photoshop.

Viewing the Actions Palette

If not already visible, the actions panel can be accessed by going under Window and clicking on the word Actions.  Alternatively, you can press ALT+F9 to make the actions window appear.  The window should look something like this when selected:

Photshop CS4 Actions Panel

Photshop CS4 Actions Panel

How to Install a Photoshop Action

With the actions window selected, click on the menu for the window.  There you will find the Load Actions option.  Selecting it will cause a load dialog window to pop up.  Select your actions, and you are ready to use them!  In case you are unfamiliar with how to access the Load Actions option, the image below clarifies how and where to find it.

Actions Menu Location

Actions Menu Location

How to Create Your Own Actions

Below is a video I found that does an excellent job of not only demonstrating the process of creating an action, but further strengthening the significance and increase of productivity of using Photoshop actions.

That’s really all there is to it. Next, we’ll be putting together a list of resources of where you can find a multitude of actions to increase creativity and productivity.

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