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What Label Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know about Inkjet Vinyl

Let’s face it, blank sheets of die cut inkjet vinyl labels are expensive regardless of where you buy them. For that reason, Planet Label would like to take a minute to explain the differences in print quality and appearance between the “good” inkjet vinyl labels and the “bad” inkjet vinyl labels on the market today.


The first thing you will notice between Planet Label’s Inkjet Vinyl product and the product(s) of other labels manufacturers is the crisp white appearance of the vinyl itself. Our sheet is one of the brightest on the market and serves as an excellent foundation for accurate printed color reproduction and image clarity.

By comparison, other sheets often times have a yellowish tone, which tends to produce darker images with less color contrast and clarity.

Curing, Water Resistance, and General Printability

Inkjet printable vinyl poses some inherent challenges, one of which comes in curing the inkjet inks instantly. While lesser quality vinyl labels may cure in a reasonable period of time when printing a single sheet, this issue becomes critical when printing multiple copies/sheets of labels. As each sheet comes off the printer, its face is then exposed to friction coming from the liner of the next sheet of labels that follow. If the inkjet ink does not cure instantly, this will cause blurring of the image and in worst case obvious smearing.

Planet Label inkjet vinyl features Printlok™ technology, which creates an instant waterproof bond as your labels come off the printer. Water, moisture and friction pose zero threat the quality of print to the inkjet vinyl products from Planet Label.

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