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Archive for June, 2009

Creating a Print Ready Document in Adobe Photoshop

When working with customers, we at Planet Label always want to provide the best quality labels for our customers.  Below is a tutorial for Photoshop users that shows how to create a new Photoshop document that’s prepared for printing on our digital press.  The steps are derived from our Artwork Print Media Guide.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to either comment or contact us.

Creating a Label Template in Word 2007: The Video

For the more visually inclined we’ve created a video at how to make a label template in Microsoft Office Word 2007.  Use this video along with our previous post to get started on creating your own custom templates.

Planet Label takes pride in its efforts to educate the masses to ensure premium quality to its customers.

Creating a Label Template in Word 2007

Being an online retailer that specializes in blank inkjet and laser labels, we are often asked how to edit and create new label templates.  Often times Planet Label is asked how to rotate an existing template from portrait view to landscape to change the orientation of the text on a label.  In these cases, a new template must be created in desired page format.  Below is the same step-by-step procedure that our staff at Planet Label uses to create the very same label templates you’re using today.

1. In Microsoft Office 2007, you will see the Mailings section (1)  in your navigation ribbon.  Click on the icon in the far left called Labels (2).  Please refer to Figure 1.

Figure 1

Figure 1

2. A new window will open titled Envelope and Labels. Under the Labels tab in click on the Options button (3).  This will open a new window called Label Options.  Please refer to Figure 2.

Figure 2Figure 2

3. Once you see the Label Options window click on New Label (4). You will then be prompted with another window titled Label Details.  Within this window, you will find all of the label dimensions, margins and general inputs for your new template.   Please refer to Figure 3.

Figure 3

Figure 3

Laying Out the Template

1. Choose the page layout you would like, either Letter (8 ½ x 11 in) or Letter Landscape (11” x 8 ½ in).  This can be found in the Custom dropdown menu (5).

2. Once your page orientation is set, it’s a matter of doing a little simple math to fill in the blanks!  To find exact label layouts and dimensions please refer to the product detail page that corresponds to the template you would like to create at

3. Use your calculations for Top Margin, Side Margin, and Pitch figures to layout the template, as the preview pane builds the template in front of you (6).  Please refer to Figure 4.


Figure 4

4. Once your layout is complete, click OK on all windows, and on the window titled Envelopes and Labels, click the New Document button (7).  Refer back to Figure 2 for this step.

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