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Discontinued Product Alert: 10 count sheet packs of die cut labels


Discontinued Product Alert: 10 count sheet packs of die cut labels! For more info click here

10% off through Thursday 4/24/14

We’re back, and with good news! Take 10% off on any die cut label purchase by using the discount code Planet10Plus. The discount for 10% off is good through Thursday 4/24/14.

Planet Label Site Redesign

In case you hadn’t noticed, has undergone some significant changes in the past 3 weeks both visually and functionally. The visual changes to the site were meant to reflect the changing nature of our business toward a stronger focus on custom printed labels, stickers and other printed products. No, we’re not leaving the blank label business, in fact there have been some improvements there too. Blank label products now feature larger product images, and product pages are simply easier to navigate with templates and other label tools placed in positions where they’re easier to find.

From a functional standpoint, Planet Label has also added the ability for customers to safely and securely save credit card and other payment information for future purchases. Now, repeat customers have the ability to log in select a product and pay using a card or account used on previous orders. The reason for the change to the shopping cart was two fold, to improve the user experience and also to comply with PCI commerce regulations put in place to protect consumers from fraud and theft. As always, if you have comments or suggestions we welcome your feedback!

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